It all starts with an email, let me know a bit about you and your vibe.

We’ll throw around some ideas, dates and possible locations. I’ll get things together while you get your beauty sleep.

On set, we keep it low key and relaxed. Unless we’ve planned for hair & makeup, it’s just you and me. As you likely know, the adult industry can be a tough one, I take your privacy very seriously. On set we have a chat about how much face you’d like to show, and then shoot for that. If this is your first shoot, don’t worry - I will direct you as much as you need. You’re in capable hands, lots of my clients are first timers.

A day or so after we shoot, I’ll send you the edit. You pick your favourite 10 shots, and sit tight for about a week while I colourise and photoshop them. All retouching is done inhouse, by me. You can opt for a little, a lot or zero retouching. My photoshop work is subtle, natural is my thing. I’ll never drastically alter your body shape (unless you ask!).

Whenever I send off someone’s shoot and hear back that they love it, a fairy gets its wings.

Who is Dirt Erotic?

Dirt Erotic is Kristy. A versatile commercial photographer with over 10 years photographic experience in the adult industry, both in Australia and overseas.

In 2014 I started Dirt Erotic, bringing my highly specialised skill set to individuals rather than production companies. By stripping a photoshoot down to its bare essentials, complex ideas can be realized on a budget more suited to an individual.