A collection of images looking like you just stepped off the pages of sexy Vogue?

OR    ...    

A day in your life, you have a coffee, arrange some flowers and get a tonne of shots for your social media accounts?

Editorial Package: $900

When only the best will do.

10 fully edited photos, delivered digitally.

No limit on shoot time, we just shoot until we get all the best stuff, though it usually takes between 3 - 5 hours.

Totally up to you how many looks we shoot.
Pre-shoot conceptualisation and location scouting support included. 

  • Extra photos are $50 each
  • If you’d like another ten i’ll knock it down to $450
  • Building your own personal archive? Buy your RAW or Jpg files for $250
  • If we are shooting outside of the inner city, I charge $100 driving fee
  • If you need lighting, we hire it. It’s usually between $100 - $150. Most of my work is shot with natural light

“Influencer” Package: $600

For all you social media friendly “influencers” out there….

A whopping 600+ photos!
3 hours of shoot time.

Get your photos on the same day! - Upload onto your computer after the shoot or download later via Dropbox, your choice.

  • Images delivered in user-friendly large JPEG format, no converting RAW files
  • Just you or with a friend! No extra charge for multiple people
  • No location cost! We can shoot at your place, the park, a cafe, etc. The more organised you are, the more we can shoot.
There is no post-production included in this package. You get all the same Dirt Erotic framing, lighting, staging and direction skills, just not my Photoshop ones.

The Influencer package is designed for people who are comfortable using apps like Facetune and VSCO, or who are happy to go without post-production.

I don’t provide hair & makeup services, let me know if you’d like me to recommend someone.

My shoot rate does not include a location, but I’m happy to work with you to keep your location costs low. The beach, friends places, your house, are all cheap options.